CADE and the Ministry of Finance create group to foster competition and innovation

On November 9, 2017, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (“CADE”) and the Secretariat of Economic Monitoring, of the Ministry of Finance (”SEAE”), the Brazilian competition authorities, published in the Official Journal the Joint Ruling No. 2, creating a working group to coordinate their competition advocacy activities aiming at fostering the country’s competitiveness and innovation. 

The working group is expected to make proposals covering the following topics: 

(i) actions to promote competition, consumers welfare and economic development; 

(ii) exchange of information between the bodies;

(iii) improvement of the tools used in the Investment Partnership Program coordinated by the Brazilian President to attract foreign investments and develop the country’s infrastructure;

(iv) development of competition advocacy routines and activities;

(v) coordination of sector inquiries and researches;

(vi) training of enforcers.

The group shall submit their proposals for approval within ninety (90) days. 

This is an outstanding step to strength the relation between these authorities and create routines and procedures of competition advocacy in Brazil.

It also creates a great opportunity for companies and trade associations to identify, suggest and contribute with new ideas and projects of assessment and enhancement of the competitive landscape in their respective markets.

Should you need any clarifications on this matter, please contact the Regulation and Competition practice group of Mundie e Advogados.


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